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"I must do something"
always solves more problems than "something must be done."
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Using your donations to build character in today's youth and tomorrow's leaders.
Together we can make a difference!
©Jus B about Character is a registered trademark of the Jacob D. Bullock Foundation.  The Jacob D. Bullock Foundation is a 501(c)(3) under federal tax guidelines.
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We have several volunteer opportunities available in our organization. We are confident that you will find a role that suits you perfectly.  Thank you in advance for offering your service for the cause of young people.

Fundraiser - Committee Members:
We have several fundraiser's throughout the year that need planers, recruiters, and participants. Volunteers that are looking to put their creativity and organizational skills to good use can help us plan and promote our events including the Jus B Active 5K Weekend and Annual Dinner & Celebration.  

Community Service Projects “The Big 4” - Development Teams:
This is a team of individuals devoted to planning, organizing and implementing each of our four Major Community Service Projects.  These events happen each year, once per quarter.  We need volunteers to organize and plan every aspect of the Community Service Project – from the coordinating events with various agencies, to organizing the details and activities of the event.

Special Event Volunteers:
There are several truly unique special events held throughout the year.  At the core of each, is mentoring young people.  You decide your level of involvement.  Volunteers find themselves on various community service projects, assisting with mentoring outings, workshops, and camp activities.  Through these events we will reach and impact young people throughout Gwinnett County & Greater Atlanta.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook, www.facebook.com/jacobbullockfoundation,.  

Group Mentors build relationships with young people and lead groups activities in a way that is fun, comfortable, non-judgmental, and breeds confidence from all participants.  The more comfortable young people are, the more likely you are to gain their confidence.  We  meet them where they are and walk with them through their journey no matter how challenging the circumstances.  You don’t have the be an expert, you just need a desire to work closely with young people.  2-4 mentors are involved, and the Jus B-about Character curriculum provides various discussion topics and activities for successful meetings.

One on One Mentors provide young people with a role model whose focus is specifically on the mentee's needs.  Even if its only once per week or once per month, for that moment, they are the focal point.  They can ask questions they may not want to ask their parents, problem solve, get help with homework, talk about school, future objectives, attend events and fun activities.  Mentors help them to dream, and keep those dreams alive.  Not only are Mentors necessary in the lives of young people who have challenging home environments, but often they are necessary in the lives of young people who are the oldest sibling or the only child or in single parent homes.  You don’t have to be an expert or career mentor, you just need a desire to work closely with young people.  We will provide mentoring tools to help you along the way.

Administrative/Clerical Volunteers:
There is always a need for assistance with general administrative tasks, documentation, correspondence, desktop publishing, mailings and telephone communications. Please volunteer your skills.

For more information about volunteering and responsibilities, please contact our founder,
Heidi Bullock, at 678-429-2813 or by e-mail at heidi.bullock@jacobbullock.org.

Thank you for your time!

For updates on events, times and schedules.
I am volunteering for the Special Olympic Georgia 2012 Summer Games 
a 501(c)3 under 
federal tax guidelines
Encouraging Personal Responsibility, Enriching Self Esteem, Motivating Positive Choices