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We are constantly working to identify the issues faced by young adults in order to provide comprehensive programs, and opportunities that empower them to make choices that positively impact their lives and communities. 
Using your donations to build character in today's youth and tomorrow's leaders.
Together we can make a difference!
Scholarship Fund / Community Service Awards
  • Academic scholarships to reward young adults making a positive impact on their communities.
  • Character Champion Award presented each year to a young person nominated by their school administrators, coaches or peers.
  • Legendary Service Award - presented to a community involved adult nominated by peers and associates.
Crony 4 Life Mentoring program
The program is designed to develop positive influences and create the character traits necessary to achieve positive goals and outcomes.  The title of the program is based on the definition of a ‘crony’, friend, comrade, someone to remind them to dream and to help keep those dreams alive.

Location:  Schools, Parks & Rec, Churches, Homes,
Activities:  Day trips, athletic events, games, seasonal activities.  Each monthly event is planned by group leaders.   It consist of a fun factors surrounded by games, music and discussion.  Discussions are centered around a specific character traits and our ability to own and live by them.  

Objective:  Build relationships with participants, and lead in a way that is fun, comfortable, non-judgmental,  and breeds confidence. We encourage young people to develop relationships with the leadership teams as this provides immediate mentoring opportunities.  The more comfortable young people are with leadership, the more likely you are to gain their confidence.  Young people must know that we will meet them where they are and walk with them through their journey no matter how challenging the circumstances.  

Gender Specific Groups (Girls 12-15 & 15-18, Boys 12-15 & Boys 15-18) hold the same format.  The difference is that the fun, games, music activities and discussions are centered around character subjects that are gender and age specific and relate to their immediate needs and challenges.  Builds relationships and confidence.  
The BIG 4 (Jus B-Involved Quarterly Community Service Projects)
Throughout the year young people will be given the opportunity to work on various community service projects.  Mini Home Makeovers, Daycare Center restoration, Food Drives, Food preparation for the needy, Feeding the hungry and others. 
Jus B-Active, Annual 5-K & Fundraiser - 1st weekend in June 
Annual Dinner, Celebration & Fundraiser - Last weekend in August
The Jacob Bullock Foundation leaders have been working diligently to bring this vision to reality.  We have had a tremendously successful 2011.  However, we need the help of funders and partners to keep our momentum going.  We welcome the support of dedicated people from all across Metro Atlanta and beyond.  If you are interested in helping support our efforts, please contact us at info@jacobbullock.org, through our volunteer page, or Donate Now!
a 501(c)3 under 
federal tax guidelines
Encouraging Personal Responsibility, Enriching Self Esteem, Motivating Positive Choices