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Jacob Bullock Foundation. I am a recent graduate of Florida State University where I studied Creative Writing and Communication. During my time at FSU I dedicated most of my energy towards being a student athlete on the FSU softball team. Along with my physical contributions on the field I was also the Editor in Chief of the Seminole Softball Newsletter and a blogger on www.seminoles.com off the field.  Through both outlets I kept our fans and supporters in the know and up to date about the team. Through softball I’ve learned many life lessons, developed an optimistic spirit, and gained numerous character traits. Although I’m still learning and growing as a person I want nothing more than to help others view life from a positive stand point. Which is why I’m so excited about the opportunity to use this platform to help everyone improve his or her character. I will post weekly blogs every Monday focusing on the positive aspects of life and optimistic views on various situations.

Please email me at morganbullock@jacobbullock.org with situations and happenings in your life that you may like me to write on.

Stay true, be you


Hey there, my name is Morgan Bullock and I am the new blogger for the
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